Social Media App Development- Overview & Its Trends

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May 1, 2020
Social Media App Development

With the advent of the mobile-dominating era, a very popular revolution has taken place. Yes, you got it right!!! It is the one and only social media revolution.

Social media- an application that allows you to create and share content with your friends, family, and colleagues. The application which sometimes makes you feel depressed. The times when no one is reverting your messages or your profile picture got fewer likes than expected!!

And, it also makes you super-happy. For instance, when your profile picture gets more likes than expected or you have locked many potential clients for your business through social media.

As cliche as it sounds- You can love it or hate it but you can't ignore social media.

Let's have a look at its evolution

Social Media App Development

We all know human beings are social creatures. It means that we can't live in isolation. Before the dawn of social media, people used to meet each other a lot - sharing their happiness and pain, gossiping, sending letters, and telegraphs. They were having an intimate bond with people at that time. And, today it is no different- it just shifts from real-life connections to virtual ones!!

Social Media App Development

    With time, social media has also evolved manifolds. Let's have a glance at it :

  • Social Networks: It connects with people or brands on a personal level. e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Media Sharing Networks: As the name suggests, it shares media like photos, videos, and reels. e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube.
  • Discussion Forums: They are Question and Answer applications. Here, people find, discuss, and share ideas or opinions on various topics. e.g. Reddit, Quora, and Stackoverflow.
  • Bookmarking and content curation networks: It discovers, saves, and shares new and trending content. e.g. Pinterest, Flipboard.
  • Consumer review networks: It finds, reviews, and shares information about brands, services, and products. e.g. Zomato, Yelp, and TripAdvisor
  • Blogging and publishing networks: It publishes, discovers, and comments on content. e.g. Medium & PhotoBlog
  • Social shopping networks: It spot trends, follow brands, share great finds, and make purchases.e.g. Fancy, Shopcade, Flerika
  • Interest-based networks: It connects with others around a shared interest or hobby. e.g. Goodreads, Spotvice,, Travello.
  • eCommerce networks: It advertises, finds, shares, buys, sells, and trades products and services. e.g. Airbnb and Taskrabbit
  • Anonymous social networks: It brings authentic and safe communication to both public and private social spheres. e.g.Anonyfish, YikYak, and
  • Dating social networks: It matches single people who want to start a relationship. e.g. Muzmatch, Tinder, and HowAboutWe.

How to make your Social Media App

    Making your social media app is not rocket science. Every day, thousands of new social media apps are being made. But, what matters, in the long run, is your USP ( Unique Selling Point) and your plans of execution. As a general overview, here are some must-haves functions of an app:

  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy Search
  • Personalized User Profile
  • Notifications and real-time updates
  • Newsfeed
  • Messaging
  • The ability to attach different files
  • Liking and Commenting
  • The ability to upload content
  • Able to create groups and communities;l
  • The ability to edit the user profile
  • Emojis and stickers;
  • Able to send invites;
  • The power to add or remove friends/connections.

Social Trends To Analyze

Every single day, the Information Technology sector is evolving and it is impacting each and every arena of our life. And, evolution is the law of nature.

According to Statista, the number of active social media users has increased from 0.97 billion in 2010 to 3.03 billion users in 2020.

    So, this evolution demands solid changes. And, here are the social trends which we can not think of ignoring:

  • Communal Messaging: In this era, social messaging is a boon for brands to directly communicate with their prospective customers. There are instant messaging features- exactly the one which is required.
  • Stories aren't slowing down: People are looking for a genuine connection - a connection that is more focussed at your personal level. For instance, Snapchat introduced the feature of sharing stories. Now, it has become so popular that other platforms like Instagram have also started using it. People feel encouraged when receiving feedback from their family and friends regarding their stories.
  • Social commerce: This is indeed a new feature for you!! You know Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook is planning to launch a payment option in their apps. Here they will provide a "$" sign. By clicking on this you can go for P2P transfer. It means peer to peer or person to person transfer at one click.
  • Dynamic Selling: Businesses are well aware of the fact that social media is a goldmine for their business. They leave no stone unturned to sell their services through social media platforms.
  • Privacy is respected: The majority of the social media apps follow this rule of having a status disappearing within an hour, a couple of hours, or a day. This adds a sense of urgency and intimacy to the posts shared with friends. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram stories can also be labeled as "self-destructing content".
  • Video content continues to boom: Video content is the new era's demand. Facebook lives, Instagram lives and reels, Youtube videos, and exclusive video content streaming on apps like Netflix are a breath of fresh air for today's generation.

How to Build a Social Media Site with Halkwinds

Social media is emerging every single day. People are looking for more digital connections. They have a keen interest in this virtual world rather than the real ones. Our youth can live without food, for sure- but not without social media. It ain't gonna happen soon.

So, if you want to build your Social Media Site, you are moving towards a very lucrative business. Nevertheless, this business will demand a lot of prerequisites. But, the indispensable one is to find a good social media development agency.

And, just smile. Your search ends here at Halkwinds. Want to convert your idea into reality? Get in touch with us!!

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