The Client
League Villa
League Villa

India’s first ever bracket league platform that delivers excitement of league matchups and elimination to the hardcore league fans.

A unique platform launched for the sports fanatics and leagues admirers across the globe.



$30 million

Total Funding received

10 million

Engaged Users

Exceptional game experience

Features like on field view, player stats, player card, ensure the best in class game experience

Best Sports League Platform

Multiple sports and contest

League villa supports multiple sports like cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball, F1 and more and multiple public and private league for users to participate in.

League villa multiple sports platform


Users can check their respective ranks in multiple categories like against friends, family, global league, weekly standing in their location and bracket league that are to be held.

League villa custom sports platform
Design, Build and Deploy

League Villa

League villa’s bracket leagues give power to its users to be a team owner and play a league battle.

Single elimination is the most unique and engaging feature of this app. Many more exciting features make the most innovative app and our robust technology and ensure users get the best in class experience.