Planning to Build a Sports Fantasy App? Here's All That You Need to Know

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May 1, 2020
Build a Sports Fantasy App

Fantasy sports app is one of the finest sports type of virtual world. The market has achieved considerable growth in this field. If you are planning to build your own fantasy app here are some important points which you need to know.

You are on the right track if you are contemplating to start a fantasy sports business. Proclaimed as one of the most lucrative industries of the 21st century, fantasy sports has seen substantial growth. Though the major market for this business is the United States, India and China are also emerging in this field.

The American Sporting culture has seen a radical change with the hyper growth of sports startups. The very first thing which Fantasy Sports app reminds us of is the huge revenue National FootballLeague (NFL) in the USA earned in 2013. The revenue accounts for USD 11$.

According to a study by Market watch, America is the largest producer of Fantasy Sports having a market share in revenue from this category consisting of 58% in 2017, and Europe withhold the second-largest market share with around 14% share in 2017.

It is estimated that the global market size for Fantasy Sports apps can reach USD 26400 million by 2024.

Knowing how lucrative is the Fantasy Gaming industry, let us first understand, “What is a Fantasy Sports App?”

What is a Fantasy Sports App?

Build a Sports Fantasy App?

Fantasy Sports is a virtual game that provides you the experience of managing real sports players. There are virtual teams of specified professional sports in which the players indulge. The performance gets converted into points, and the players can earn cash prizes at the comfort of their homes while playing their favorite games.

The revolutionary growth of mobile app development enables users to play on their tablets and smartphones for a memorable experience with their favorite sports. Let us now find the reasons for planning a fantasy sports app.

How to plan a Fantasy Sports App?

    First of all, before planning a Fantasy Sports app, you should be thorough with all the demographics you need to know.

  • Have a clear objective to start your fantasy sports business: There can be umpteen reasons for you to venture into the fantasy sports business. For an entrepreneur, the revenue model is of utmost importance. Whereas, for a sports media brand, user engagement and growth holds relevance. Hence, the process of defining a clear objective will help you to choose the right business partners for your sports app development.
  • Research on your target demographic: Good research will help you understand the nuances that your sports app requires. It can be as simple as adding some jurisdictions or keeping your app as a multi-language app.
  • A Complete List of Leagues or Sports to be inculcated: Suppose you want to build an NFL fantasy football app, then you need to add all the leagues in your target demographics of football. This needs to be applied in all the sports fantasy apps whether it is cricket or soccer. It will help you to determine the scope of your sports business.
  • Describe your USP well: While defining your proposition make sure to define your USP really well. It will make you stand out and give an edge over your competitors. For instance, Ballr, Asia’s major soccer startup app operates micro-games during single soccer matches. It is similar to daily fantasy sports. This is how the app distinguishes itself.
  • Find reliable data providers: Finding suitable data providers will decide the future of your daily fantasy sports business. Having entered into this dynamic field, you will need a large number of data on an everyday basis. So, do good research. Choose the one who has already worked on the leagues you are planning to incorporate.
  • Choose Development Partners who offer good user-engagement: Last but not least, this is the biggest deciding factor for your fantasy sports app development. Your development partners should understand your audience. They should have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of your audience.

Integral Features of a Fantasy Sports App are as follows:

    Here are some must-have features of a Fantasy Sports App:

  • Home Screen: This is the first screen the user will have access to after logging in with his details. Here, he will be introduced to the team details.
  • Contest Screen: It displays various contests for different leagues. There are details like winning amounts, entry fees, and content types, etc.
  • Dashboard: This is a comprehensive feature where your profile details get viewed. It holds your account details, ranking, and reward points, etc. It has an admin panel with user management and game management.
  • Push Notifications: Push messages will always keep you updated. It will inform you about the free contests or any important information about the upcoming events.

Cost of Developing A Fantasy Sports App:

The cost will totally depend upon the number of hours and the features which are incorporated to make your customized fantasy sports app. But, one thing is for sure you will get exactly what you are looking for at Halkwinds .

Our projects are dominating International Markets in the US, Europe, and Australia. Having acquired $30 Million USD and more than 10 Million engaged users on various platforms, we, at Halkwinds, are the right partners for your growth story. We offer fantasy sports application development in games like soccer, football, golf, cricket, basketball, etc.

Here, at Halkwinds, we promise you to take your vision to reality and to give you the user-engagement you have always thought. Needless to say, we will guide you through each and every step & your ROI will speak volumes for our services.

So, if you are looking to kickstart your fantasy sports business, your trusted partners, Halkwinds is just a call away.

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