Why You Should Consider Creating a Niche Social Network

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May 1, 2020
Niche Social Network

Everyone wants to feel special- whether you admit it or not, but deep inside everyone likes this feeling. However, in this huge world, with billions of people residing, we at times even find it difficult to find one person who shares common interests.

We feel lost and devastated. And, these social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are of no help either. They are so vast that it is next to impossible to find people sharing similar interests.

Here is where niche social networking sites come into the picture. But, what exactly are niche social networking sites all about?

A niche is a specialized subset of a larger set. So, a niche social networking site will target a specific kind of audience where you will find like-minded fellows and your potential friends with whom you can discuss topics of your interest.

It can be a professional network, dating network, corporate network, or a network where you share common hobbies. e.g. Tinder, DeviantArt, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Let's dive into the reasons you should consider creating a niche networking site:

Creating a Niche Social Network

  • Rise of closed communities: Building a niche social media app will help to assemble like-minded people all in one place. Not only will this help you to foster a good personal relationship but your professional front will also be accentuated. They are your friends. So, you can easily count on them for your projects as well.
  • Personalized offers to your customers: Since it is an app of like- minded people, it won't be difficult for you to monetize the platform by giving them some personalized offers. For instance, if it is a dating platform, users won't mind booking a table in a restaurant or if it is a professional platform, the users will be attracted by the idea of buying a new course.
  • Collaboration with big brands: You can earn a good amount of money by collaborating with big brands. Since your network is niche-specific, it will give a 100% concentrated audience to the big brands. Hence, a win- win situation for both parties!!
  • Get higher engagement rates: This point goes without saying. The more engagement is on your platform, the more credibility you'll form in the minds of sponsors. And, the best part of niche-specific social media apps is that it is easy for you to get good engagement rates as you've gathered the people of common interests on the platform.
  • Booming popularity:If a group of like-minded people finds your app interesting in the testing mode, your app will gain popularity without even spending heaps of money on advertisements. Word of mouth will do the job for you!!! Users will promote your app by recommending it to their friends.
Niche Social Network development

So, you have enough reasons to create your niche social network . Find a unique niche, build a reliable platform, create advanced features, and launch your project strategically.

Finding it a tedious task? No issues, you don't have to do it alone. We, at Halkwinds , will do the job for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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