5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs An Enterprise Social Network

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May 1, 2020
Enterprise Social Network

Social networking is the most common way for communication, Enterprise social network works as a bridge and creates a strong bond between an employee and company. Here are 5 reasons that shows why a company needs an enterprise social network.

Communication- perhaps, the most important and neglected life skill at the same time. In this 21st century, people have somehow lost the essence of effective communication. They speak but hardly listen. It is just that they hear to revert not to understand.

This is the common scenario in households, friend circles, and alas- even workplaces are not forbidden. And, you know, doing it in workplaces creates blunders. Blunders- at times big other times small. Moreover, at the end of the day, it hampers the productivity of the employees and sales of the company.

The Loss- Loss situation of both sides!! In order to have a picture- perfect organization, Enterprise Social Networks came into being. We know the heart of millennial lies in using social applications like Twitter and Facebook. So, what can be better than to introduce ESN in the workspaces?

Just like you use social media applications to network with your friends. In the same way, ESN platforms are used to have a fluid and effective communication among the employees of an organization. After all, which organization doesn't need integrity and productive communication?

Here's how your organization can boost the teamwork with Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise Social Network

  • Smooth Communication: Streamlined communication is of utmost importance in any organization. Having different departments in a company, it is somehow a tedious process to strike a balance between all the employees. It leads to hampering both horizontal and vertical communication. This is where ESNs come into the picture by reducing your inbox clutter i.e. time-consuming email threads with short and direct conversations for you.
    For instance, HipChatis a messaging tool that allows you to cut down the clutter. It gives access to instant message, video chat, screen sharing, and group chat.
  • Improve Productivity: When you have an organized cupboard, you find it very convenient to find your clothes in the morning. You get dressed up quickly and happily. The same is the case for your workspace when your employees will find everything- starting from organizing the documents, editing, chats, and sharing the screen under one app. Their productivity will increase manifolds.
    One of the corporate social platforms which are apt for this purpose is Jive. It is an exceptional app that informs the employees regarding which tasks are complete or still in progress.

  • Strengthen Team Culture: Every human being has an innate desire to be heard. And, ESNs make your employees feel special. They know their opinions matter. They are indispensable to the company. e.g. Socialcast's " Open Forum" feature allows you to spark constructive conversations with your teammates.
  • A Company's Personal Archive: Enterprise Social Networks assemble all the company's important information in one place. It includes all the corporate documents, industry-relevant articles, announcements, and company news.
    This centralized location also helps new employees to understand the company culture in the best possible ways.

  • Promotes Cooperation: Project reprise and feedback will be far more organized with the help of corporate social platforms. These ESN's are extremely important for building an internal team culture for collaboration. This helps in lowering any barriers associated with the standard feedback process.

Zyncro makes collaboration easier and handy. It allows you to have integrations with Google drive. Here, all the employees can have access, share, and view profiles from any Google Drive account.

Employees should not dread the communication in the workplace. It should be fun and pleasurable just like the way they use Whatsapp and Instagram for instant messaging. They find it convenient and easy to use. Similarly, ESN's like Slack and Clarizen are your workplace buddies. They make your employees' lives easier and the workplace happier.

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