Fantasy Football Soccer App Development Cost and Key Features

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May 1, 2020
Fantasy Football Soccer App Development Cost and Key Features

Fantasy football application development has revolutionized the world of gaming. Football, as a game, holds a strong fan base from all parts of the world. If the latest estimates are to be believed, there are more than 4 billion die-hard fans associated with football. People are passionate, enthusiastic, and fond of the game. A fantasy football application is meant to enhance the playing experience for all the football fans. Moreover, it gives one a great opportunity to make some serious money. Fantasy football app development cost certainly outweighs the benefits involved. Let’s understand the business model of fantasy football.

Understanding the business model of fantasy football

Fantasy football application development fetches money by charging the users a fixed amount in the form of an entry fee when they join a contest.

  • Out of the entire fee charged by the app, 20% gets deducted as the commission while the remaining 80% gets distributed among the winners of the match.
  • If there are 50 users for instance and the entry fee per user is 500, the total fee would sum out to be 50*500= 25, 000.
  • 5000 which is 20% of 25000 is added to the revenue of the app while the rest is distributed amongst the league winners.

There are also in-app purchases and advertisement on your fantasy football app that can fetch you money

How do the Fantasy Football Sports Application works?

The workflow of the fantasy football sports application can be divided into the following steps:

  • The users complete the registration by filling the signup form or linking their social media accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, etc. to complete the registration process.
  • The users can either register as a fresh start or do so via a referral code-shared by friends or family.
  • To start playing, the user is supposed to enter the league by paying a token amount for participation. The cash prizes, as mentioned before, are distributed amongst the winners.
  • After joining the league, the user needs to draft a football team. Amongst the most prominent ways of drafting a team includes Serpentine, Auction based and Offline drafting.
  • To build a team, each user has a set budget. The user selects the players (each having a distinct price tag) within the specified budget.
  • No further modifications are allowed, post the finalization of the team. The dashboard indicates the performance of the team easily.
  • Once the match is completed, reward points are distributed amongst the players depending upon their performance. The user with the highest team points wins the league.

How much does it cost to develop a Fantasy Football Application Development?

Daily Fantasy Football App Development likeNFLhas a global business model. Fantasy football app development costdepends on the following factors:

  • The platform where the app is being developed (Android, Web, Wearable devices, iOS, etc.)
  • The complexity and features of the app
  • Front and back end development
  • UI/UX development
  • Number of hours invested
  • Third-party API integration
  • Development team size and location

The US/UK-based developers usually charge around $70-$250 per hour. The price charged by Eastern Europe based developers can range from $50-$150 per hour. Compared to the two, the developers in India offer the most reasonable price which is $20-$70 per hour. On average, the overall cost of fantasy soccer software and app development can be around $35,000-$50,000. The prices may vary and increase depending on the number of features incorporated.

Features for Admin User:

Fantasy Soccer Mobile App: Key Features

Some of the prominent ones include:

Home Screen

This is the landing page that first appears when a user logs into the app. It offers info about the on-going football matches and live updates of the teams playing.

Leader Board

This important feature offers player info on a dedicated leader board per player. This lets the users choose players and form his/her team.

User Profile

It reflects all the info related to the user such as user’s team, leagues collected, league participation, and other important data.

Player Information

As the name suggests, this section allows the users to obtain detailed information about each soccer player.

Create League

This lets the users create their leagues, authorize point distribution for different scores and penalties, define the number of participants etc.

Join League

Global as well as private leagues can be joined via this feature. It lets the user watch how the team fares in major tournaments.

Reward Points

Rewards and prizes can be won by the users by buying reward coins. This gives special abilities to make the game better and beneficial.

Live Scoreboard

Detailed live scoreboards help create an exciting experience to the user.


It assists in the purchase of reward points from in-app purchases and also aids in secure, swift and seamless transfer of credits earned.

Follow Friends and Group Chat

Friends and relatives can be invited to play along by the users via this feature.

Salient Admin Features

Dedicated Dashboard

This reflects info about user statistics.

Manage Bank Transactions

It gives the admin control over the approvals related to monetary transactions initiated by users for bank transfers.

Total Earnings

This feature lets the admin calculate the activity of the fantasy soccer app.

Real-Time Activities

It imparts surveillance proficiency to the admin and also allows him to check user behavioural patterns.

Manage Leagues

It gives the admins the power to manage and oversee the activity in their created leagues.

Other important features include managing users, reward point management, content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM).


Fantasy Sports app development requires great experience, expertise, and know-how. An expert can comprehend the mind-set of the target audience to make it successful in the long run. Hiring a professional mobile app development company can help you accomplish your purpose to convert your idea into a business-driven app.

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