Future of Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps

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May 1, 2020
Future of Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps

Fantasy sports mobile apps have become one of the top apps used across the entire globe and have revolutionized the entire sports industry. In this blog, we will have a look at why most fantasy sports companies turn to mobile app development and what the future holds for fantasy sports mobile apps.

What exactly are fantasy sports apps & how do they work?

The users create virtual team of real players of any sport of their preference. It can be cricket, golf, baseball, etc. After creating their team, the user will participate in leagues, tournaments and contest after crediting the money from their e-wallet. The users will win cash money by playing with strangers, friends and their colleagues.

Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App

Why should fantasy sports companies shift towards mobile app development?

The statistics indicate that the digital audience prefers using mobile applications over web applications, which is attributed to the increasing usage of mobile phones. Around 4.57 billion people use the internet over their mobiles. Smartphone usage has dramatically increased over the years as people have drifted from using the web to mobiles due to cheap data rates, affordability, ease of use, and user-friendly digital infrastructure and interface. In 2018, close to 40% of the fantasy sports user base was on mobile phones. This percentage will have increased during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Games are easily downloaded on phones using the mobile operator’s portals and are instantly installed and ready to use. Thus, these are clear indicators of the fact that the future of fantasy sports companies lies in mobile apps and so the mobile-first approach makes perfect sense to further enhance the reach of this industry. Therefore, fantasy sports businesses must turn to fantasy sports app development.

What does the future hold for fantasy sports apps?

Fantasy Sports Mobile App and Software Development

Fantasy sports companies are already striving hard to develop an ideal app for their clients. Companies have started creating eye-catching advertisements, especially on social media and TV, to gain new users and build a brand reputation; there are talks on prospective use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) which help provide exciting real-life experiences when playing the games; fantasy sports apps may also rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized user experience by analyzing data through deep-research such as studying a player’s intellect and endurance and comparing the abilities of one player with another which helps users in predicting the game outcome and guides them efficiently; Unlike gambling or betting, this is a game of skill by law and so, sports enthusiasts are willing to dish out money to play; the growth of smartphone usage also bodes well for the digital gaming space industry.

Due to these reasons, many investors are looking to invest in esports apps. While it is quite a challenge to develop apps that are light, user-friendly, and perform well, the industry is booming globally, with many sports fans and lovers diving deeper into the statistics and looking to hone their skills and earn rewards through fantasy leagues. The opportunities are enormous. So, it is very much likely to become a huge market with billions to make for all stakeholders.

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