Innovative Trends & Challenges in Fantasy Sports App Development in 2020

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May 1, 2020
Latest Trends in Sports App Development

In the present netizen’s world, wherein online gaming has gained an increasing amount of traction and continues to become more and more popular, fantasy sports have come into the spotlight. This new industry is earning millions of dollars and is an absolute hit with sports enthusiasts. So what exactly does a fantasy sports app do?

Fantasy sports allow users to be the manager of their own favorite game virtually. It can be football, cricket , auto racing, etc. They participate in various leagues and tournaments by paying money from their e-wallet. There is a systematic way of games being played. They will be provided with all the instructions. Their total score will be displayed on the leaderboard. And, they will win cash prizes according to the scores.

Thus, with technological advancement growing user base is not great challenge anymore there are many ways bringing new users to platform and engage the existing user base. Let’s have a look at these trends

Latest Trends

Trends and Challenges in Fantasy Sports App Development

1] Use of VR and AR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are extremely popular with users because they provide real-life experience. These technologies are creating a huge buzz in the industry and are used for live streaming sports application development so that users can enjoy the real-life feel of being in the stadium.

2] Social Media Integration

When users share their experiences on social media platforms, it helps with marketing and outreach and creates a brand reputation which leads to gaining a wider userbase. Users share their rewards and referral codes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter which intrigues others into playing the game too. Everyone wants a piece of the action!

3] Gamification

Gamification is an application of game designing elements and is used for app development. It adds new and exciting features to your application which helps increase user engagement and grabs the attention of the users, keeping them hooked for hours on end.

4] Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps with delivering personalized user experience by studying and suggesting the content that users are gravitated towards. It also solves user-queries with predefined answers.

5] Rewards

Users are incentivized to play even more if they’re offered rewards, it increases engagement by keeping them hooked till they earn the reward and builds goodwill once they win the reward. It increases the traffic on the app and helps with userbase expansion.

6] Eye-Capturing Advertisements

Marketing and Advertising define the success of a product more than anything. Creating short, crisp, and trendy ads, especially on social media, will ensure a good amount of users. Displaying benefits over features is a major key as well.


Trends & Challenges in Fantasy Sports App Development

1] Learning how the game works

Understanding the game is a big challenge for app developers. While they have a good stronghold over their domain, the initial stages with the testing & development phase might seem like quite a task as it requires a lot of pre-planning, mental aptitude, multiple testing arenas, and is time-consuming.

2] Huge Data Integration

With an increasing userbase, comes the challenge of sustaining more than a few thousand users simultaneously on the app. This calls for dealing with huge data integration on the part of the app developers. This data includes the players, teams, points, etc. This requires a lot of effort but is necessary for the smooth and error-free functioning of the app.

3] Heavy App

Users do not prefer heavy apps. Apps that consume excess battery life and more storage space are most likely uninstalled by users after a while. Users want an app that is light and performs well. Thus, the apps must be tested very properly to ensure there are no such errors and other bugs/glitches.

4] Team of Experts

To develop a perfect app, one requires a team of professional experts such as Project Manager, Backend Developer, IOS Developer, Android Developer, Q/A Professional, UI/UX Designer, etc. One must also be abreast with all recent trends and developments and integrate them into their app.

It is no easy task, but it is selling like hotcakes. Ensuring that each box is checked appropriately will guarantee a successful app. Increasing dependence on technology and creating a new way to pass time fuelled with cash rewards will bring users in millions to play fantasy sports games. The industry is booming and hitting the market right can do wonders for those who want to build their own fantasy sports application! So what are you waiting for?

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